School Regulations

Important Information

Following points shall be borne in mind by the students/ parents at the time of admission.

  • Admission on merit basis.
  • Date of birth certificate issued by the municipal corporation Civil Hospital must be attached with the Admission Form.
  • Transfer cases must have the proper transfer certificate from the previous school with D.M.C counter signed by DEO concerned.
  • Fee must be deposited at the time of admission.
  • The decision of the principal for admission to various classes will be final.

Leave and Attendance

  • student is expected to maintain an attendance record of at least 75% during the year, failing which he/ she will not be allowed to take the final examination in March.
  • For any kind of leave, proper leave application must be supported by a medical certificate from the school doctor or any other M.B.B.S doctor.
  • In case a student leaves school or class without proper permission, he/she will be marked absent the whole day. An explanation for truancy will be sought with follow up disciplinary action. For early departure for a valid reason, a written request must come from the parents and permission must be obtained from the Principal beforehand.
  • If a student is absent from the school for two weeks continuously without taking a valid leave or if he/she does not join the school at the end of the summer vacation, Autumn Break or Winter Break within one week without taking a valid leave, his/her name will be struck off form the rolls and he will have to seek re- admission.
  • No student will be send home for any reason once he/ she enters the school Premises until there is an extreme emergency, that too on the request of the parents.

School Diary

  • The school diary is given to every student at the beginning of the academic session.
  • The Diary contains information about the main events of the session and also the yearly calendar.
  • Extra pages have been provided in the diary to write the home work.
  • Parents can send the message to the teachers on the pages provided in the diary.
  • Parents are requested to read and sign the diary everyday.

Student Record

Each class teacher maintains record of the students of his/her class. This record includes information about student’s Bio data, Aptitude, General intelligence, Academic performance, Interest in games/sports, Participation in co-curricular activities, weakness in any subject and meeting with parents. This helps the school authorities to take remedial measure in the weak subject of a student. The record is passed on to next class as long as the student remains in the school.


Parents must give minimum three-month advance notice in writing in case theylike to withdraw their ward on any account. School authorities can also request the parents to take away their child on an account of indiscipline, long absence, shortage of attendance, damage done to the school property or damaging the school reputation outside. No refund of tuition fee, annual funds or other charges will be made if a student is withdrawn the session or expelled from the school on disciplinary