Mrs. Komal Aggarwal (Principal)


It is central to our philosophy that Ukians aspire to bring the best out of themselves, intellectually and creatively. It gives me a sense of pride to be the principal of UK INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL which precisely believe towards excellence in student’s learning and their holistic development. Education is not the amount of information that is put into the brain of students. I strongly believe in the philosophy that education is something that form the character, intellect of mind and enable students to create unique and better world for themselves as well as for others. As the head of the organisation, I commit to uphold the high standards and to improve the educational structure for the school by using inclusive strategies. We understand that our responsibility is not only academic excellence but also preparing our students for their better life. Welcome to this experience! Welcome to UK INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, Dharamkot!

“Vision with Action, Is just a Dream Action without Vision, Just Passes the Time But, Vision and Action, Can change the World.” —- Joel A. Barker.